Your Pillow Is Ruining Your Hair And Skin, Here’s Why

For many of us, our beds are our happy place. Nothing feels better than a good night’s sleep, so the last thing we want to hear is that our pillow is damaging our skin and hair.

All those products you buy to give your hair and skin more life will be put to good use if you’re aware of how your pillow is affecting your beauty.

Here are 7 signs that your pillowcase is ruining your hair and skin.

1. You’re getting a lot of face and upper back acne.

This is probably happening because your pillow is dirty, even though it looks and smells clean. If you’re not changing your pillowcase once or twice a week, chances are your pores are getting clogged up from dirt and oil that gets absorbed into your cotton pillowcase.

2. You’re getting wrinkles.

All those expensive oils and creams will go to waste if you’re not sleeping in the right position or on a proper pillowcase. If your cotton pillowcase is rough, it’s probably tugging at your skin, creating unwanted wrinkles.

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