World-Famous Ice Hotel Forced To Close After Catching Fire. Seriously.

The “Hôtel de Glace,” located 35 minutes from Quebec City, Canada, is possibly the single most stereotypically Canadian thing ever invented (yes, even more than maple syrup, poutine, and politeness). Literally translating to “Ice Hotel,” its name pretty much prepares you for exactly what you’re going to get: it’s a hotel where the walls and rooms are made entirely out of ice!

Xavier Dachez

If that sounds kind of lame, it’s really not. The rooms are outfitted with some pretty gorgeous lighting, and the walls are covered with some pretty intricate ice sculptures and carvings. It even has full spa facilities and a sauna, which sounds like it’s something you’d be more likely to see in a fantasy novel than anything in real life.

Xavier Dachez

It’s even insulated against the outdoor cold, maintaining a solid 26 degree Farenheit temperature, which adds to the experience and makes you all the more ready to cozy up with your partner while on a romantic getaway. If that wasn’t enough for you, you can even rent a room with a fireplace!

Renaud Philippe

Unfortunately, it seems that this particular perk has suddenly become a burden, as for the first time ever, the Ice Hotel has caught fire and needs to be closed for renovations. Seriously.

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