Woman Preparing Food By Chewing It In Her Mouth First Has Us Wanting To Say Goodbye To Food Forever

People feel queasy when someone vomits, and that’s for good reason. Food should only go down, not up. That’s just the way the world works, literally. It’s called gravity, and one woman is defying it on purpose.

Riva Godrey, a YouTube personality, is garnering a lot of attention for preparing food by chewing it in her mouth first. So far she has two episodes on her page called “Cooking With Your Mouth,” where she teaches people how to make delicious recipes (that don’t become so delicious anymore) “by using the safety and comfort of your own mouth.”

She doesn’t have a care in the world about what it is that she chews. If it’s part of the recipe, she will prepare it in her mouth. That includes raw meat…

What’s her secret ingredient you may ask? It’s her spit. (We’re joking of course.)

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