Widow’s Maternity Shoot Will Make You Believe In The Afterlife

As a husband and parent I have no idea what I would do if my wife were to pass away, leaving me to raise our children on my own, all the while grieving her loss. It is a reality that I don’t wish upon my worst enemy, but it is the reality that Kelly Leuthe, of Wisconsin is living.

Her husband Jarrett was killed in a drunk-driving crash in August of this year. The driver of the vehicle survived, but police say he registered a blood-alcohol level of .183, more than twice the legal limit allowed for operating any vehicle.

Jarrett and Kelly already had two children together, and Kelly was pregnant with the couple’s third baby, a boy due to arrive this coming January. The couple had been high school sweethearts, and had been inseparable ever since.


Kelly and her kids were obviously devastated by losing their husband and father. But even while dealing with that grief, she had to be strong for her children, and unborn baby. She decided that she would have maternity photos taken.

FOX 10 Phoenix

When photographer Jessica Brandau started going through the pictures on her computer she started to notice a strange trend happening in most of the photos…

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