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Two Dogs Die After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms – Learn How To Spot These Deadly Plants

My pets mean everything to me, but I’ll admit I can get a little overprotective.

Of course, dogs being dogs, they love to chew on anything they find on the sidewalk, and it’s a daily struggle to keep litter out of their mouths.

Despite all of my worrying, both my pets are happy and healthy. But that can change in an instant, and dog owner Janna Joyner’s tragic story proves that.

Joyner is a model dog owner, a foster owner for a “pack” of six animals, including some with medical conditions.

But even she was taken by surprise one day, coming home to find two of her pets were dying while four others were stumbling around and vomiting.

Drago and Adoni were both poisoned by mushrooms in their backyard.Jana Joyner / Instagram

Drago, a St. Bernard, and Adoni, a lab-retriever mix, were both rushed to the vet but could not be rescued.

Blood tests revealed that Joyner’s dogs had eating Amanita mushrooms, and were poisoned by a toxic substance inside the plants.

Species of the Amanita mushroom variety are called Death Caps or Death Angels, because the toxins inside them do fatal damage to a person or animal’s liver.

“Destroying Angel” amanita mushrooms.Ryane Snow – Wikimedia

A perfectly healthy animal can die less than 48 hours after eating wild mushrooms.

The mushrooms in Joyner’s backyard were buried under mulch, so even she had no idea they were there until it was too late to do anything.

She’s sharing her heartbreaking story to warn other pet owners about the dangers of these mushrooms.

But there are many kinds of mushrooms that are dangerous for pets. We’ll teach you how to spot them.

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