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These Miniature Crochet Animals Are So Tiny, They Will Sit On Your Finger Tip

Shannon Loys

Andrew Loys from Seattle, Washington has a lot to be thankful for.He’s survived cancer three times, despite suffering through harsh treatments that left one of his legs shorter than the other.Because of that disability, Loys depended on a specially modified bicycle with “pedal shorteners.”Shannon LoysLoys should also be thankful for his wife, Shannon. Because when that special bike of his was stolen, she was the one who tracked it down.”Dear steaming

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Stanford Children’s Health – Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

We often hear people say “it’s a small world,” but we sometimes fail to realize just how much everyone on this earth are connected until we come across a story like Vilma Wong and Brandon Seminatore’s. Twenty-eight years ago, Vilma, a nurse, was working a shift on April 19, 1990, when Brandon was born prematurely at 29 weeks at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto, California.Vilma was assigned as Brandon’s primary care

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Holmes County School Board

It’s that time of year again, when parents everywhere readjust to the trials and tribulations of the new school year.While the peace and quiet at home is much appreciated, the stress and anxiety of getting everyone to school on time is enough to drive parents bonkers.And nothing is more stressful that the drop-off line itself: a conga line of cars stretching to the horizon as parents wait to send their kids to school.

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One of the most amazing friendships a person can have is with a four-legged pal.Sure you’re in charge of your pet’s well-being and become their personal pooper scooper, but nothing beats the unconditional love and affection they show you. Sadly, unless you have a parrot, chances are you’ll outlive your pet and be forced to have a tear-jerking goodbye. People often go to the veterinarian to put down their ill and elderly cats and

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Instagram – Texas Size Bullies

When it comes to famous dogs, we all know the basics. You’ve got Lassie, Pluto, and Toto, but there are actually a lot of famous dogs that are not fictional characters.Matt Siebenthal wasn’t expecting to end up with a famous dog, but that’s exactly what happened when he purchased his American bulldog Venom. There was something special about Venom though, unlike most American bulldogs, he was extra tiny! Once he reached his full height,

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Beliar spider/Wikimedia Commons

If you’re someone who suffers from Entomophobia, otherwise known as the fear of insects, you may want to stay away from Philadelphia for the foreseeable future.It has been revealed that 7,000 insects and lizards worth up to $40,000 were stolen from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.”We found that the majority 80 to 90% of the creatures that we had in the museum were taken,” Insectarium CEO John Cambridge said in

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