These Look-A-Like Sisters Prove All Good Things Come In Threes

Weddings are all about the bride, and every woman wants their family to be there for them on their big day. Their moral support is incomparable, and it is a great way for your loved ones to meet their new extended family.

Now we all know we would want our families there, but what about sharing the special day with them?

That is exactly what three sisters decided to do when they all married their childhood sweethearts in a conjoined ceremony in New York. It would be a challenge to see my sisters share a hair brush, so this is truly extraordinary!

Hannah, Naomi, and Elisabeth Reichard grew up in a household of eight siblings, and they had to learn to share everything, but this only brought them together.

“We’ve always been really close, so it made sense to get married on the same day, too,” said Elisabeth.

But while the sisters all opted for individual ceremonies, there were some strange coincidences that had to do with their lucky number three!

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