These Conjoined Twins Have The Ability To See Through Each Other’s Eyes

They weren’t supposed to survive.

Now 11 years later, conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan are thriving and enjoying their lives together.

“We didn’t know if they were going to survive 24 hours,” their mother Felicia Hogan said. “And then 24 hours went by and they survived.”

The twins have learned how to swim, and now have started school in the sixth grade. They love running around outside, going camping and like all kids these days, playing video games and watching funny videos on their iPad.

“They’re just little people that are here living their lives like the rest of us,” Felicia said. “That’s how we see them and that’s how their siblings see them.”

While they are defying limitations by riding a specially-built bike and zooming down hills on a toboggan, their health remains fragile.

Together they deal with Type 1 diabetes and epilepsy. With a daily regimen involving pills, blood tests and insulin injections the twins’ care can seem like a juggling act sometimes.

But that doesn’t stop them from being normal 11-year-old girls.

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