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The Story Of Robin Williams and Koko The Gorilla Will Fill Your Heart, And Then Break It

Aside from being known as one of the greatest Hollywood actors, Robin Williams had a big heart.

You didn’t have to meet the five-time Academy Award winner to know what a sweetheart he was.

According to Billionaire, Williams supported 28 charities throughout his life, which included disaster relief funds and St. Judge Children’s Research Hospital.

There wasn’t anyone who didn’t love him. Even a depressed gorilla named Koko couldn’t help but sense the comedian’s positive aura. He was like a breath of fresh air anytime he walked into a room.

So when Williams was invited to meet the most intelligent gorilla in the world, who can understand English and is fluent in American sign language, there was absolutely no way he was going to refuse.

In 2001, he visited the beloved gorilla at her home at the San Francisco Zoo, and their new friendship was recorded for everyone to see.

The two immediately shared a special bond. They were both tickling each other, just laughing hysterically.

Koko even recognized that Williams is a Hollywood star when she saw a VHS cover of one of his films!

By the end of the video, Williams and Koko give each other a loving hug. “It was awesome and unforgettable,” Williams recalled of his experience.

What many didn’t know of that encounter was that Koko had been depressed for quite some time, ever since the passing of her beloved friend…

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