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Skip The Whitening Strips – 11 Natural Ways To Make Teeth Shine

No matter how old you are or where you come from, we all want a bright, white, healthy smile.

But getting and keeping a toothpaste commercial smile is easier said than done.

I’ve been brushing twice a day since I was a child, but my teeth still look dull and grungy sometimes.

Now, instead of reaching for expensive whitening strips, I treat my smile with handy natural ingredients that are already in my home.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Mike Mozart / Flickr

You probably guessed it would make the list, because this vinegar is handy for anything and everything in your home.

Add the vinegar into your brushing routine a few times a month, using it on your toothbrush and gargling with it to clean bacteria out of your mouth.

Just be careful to rinse afterwards. Vinegar is acidic, which is great for cleaning plague, bacteria and stains off your teeth.

But leave it on for too long and it could damage your teeth as well.

I know, I hate flossing too, but hear me out.

We know that flossing keeps our gums healthy,  but it keeps your teeth glowing too.

That’s because flossing removes food particles that cause bacteria. Bacteria turns into plaque, which makes your teeth look dull.

So get ahead of plaque buildup by flossing nightly.

Baking soda.
Aqua Mechanical / Flickr

This household staple doesn’t just clean bacteria out of your mouth, it also whitens teeth.

Mix a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice into the soda to make a paste. Then use a toothbrush to spread it onto your teeth and brush gently.

The acidic citrus juice cleans teeth, while the abrasive soda scrubs away stains.

Baking soda is also alkaline, so it protects your teeth. But be sure to rinse with water afterwards anyway.

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