Scientists Claim Horoscopes Are Affecting Your Life, And Not In A Good Way

Reading horoscopes is something that we all do from time to time, whether or not we truly believe in them. It can be fun to see what the stars have in store for you each day, and how accurate it is to your personality. However, scientists worry that they aren’t as harmless as you may have thought.

Scientists at the University of South Carolina and John Hopkins University had found that when people are presented with certain readings, it can actually change how they will act. You might think that seeing a negative horoscope would cause you to make some big changes, but the researchers found that wasn’t the case.

After providing participants with a negative horoscope, they watched to see how they would react. After the readings, they provided them with the option of going to a party, or going home to clean. They considered the party as the “indulgent” option, while cleaning was the “virtuous” option.

The study didn’t reveal what they thought it would…

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