Science Says That You’re Attracted To People That Look Just Like You

Have you ever seen those couples that could pass for brother and sister? Not in the way they act but more about how they look. Look to your own spouse, do they kind of look like you? Weird to think about, but you might see it more than you think.

If you see this all the time, you aren’t alone. Many researchers are studying whether people are attracted to people that look like them, and there are some interesting theories about it.

You have probably heard of the theory that people are attracted to those that look like their parents. A very creepy theory, but it makes sense when you think about it. Sigmond Freud coined this theory as the Oedipus Complex, and his reasoning behind it was, that people subconsciously yearn for a time when their parent took care of them, so we look for that in a spouse.

Being attracted to people that look like ourselves could also be part of this theory. Being attracted to our parents is sort of like being attracted to ourselves, because we share the same genetics.

With these two similar theories, researchers are now looking into the theory that we are attracted to people who share DNA similar to our own.

They are calling it genetic assortative mating, and it means that we look for people with the same body type, ethnic background, or other physical traits as us.

In one study, a picture of a stranger was morphed with a picture of a participant or a picture of another stranger. When subjects were asked to rate the portrayed people for attractiveness, they usually picked the people who were an amalgamation of a stranger and themselves.

This next study is one that I have never heard of and one that scares me just a little bit…

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