Puppy Too Nervous Around Other Dogs, Until She Meets Someone Special

The bond that siblings have can never be broken. This goes for both humans and animals. Just ask little Venti Mocha, who got to reunite with her sister in the most wonderful way.

Venti and her siblings were born to a mom who rejected her pups, so their owners were forced to quickly find homes for all the puppies. Two of the siblings were adopted together, while Venti and her sister, Penny, ended up with separate families. They each were living wonderful lives, but Venti could tell something was missing.

“Venti is full of energy and loves to play,” Nicholas Beccari, Venti’s new dad, told The Dodo. “She chews on everything and is the most curious animal I’ve ever seen. But when she’s tired, she is basically a cuddly teddy bear and loves to follow us around.”

Unfortunately, Venti was having a problem playing with other dogs. She would become shy, which was very out of character. Luckily for the little pup, Beccari happened to have a mutual friend with the family who adopted Penny, so they decided to set up a play date.

“Venti loves to play with people but is a little apprehensive around other dogs, so I figured playing with a dog she was related to might be better for her,” Beccari said.

When Penny and Venti first reunited, Venti was skeptical. But then, she knew she recognized that face.

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