Popular New Kits Let You Paint Like Van Gough, No Ear Required

Remember in kindergarten when you were an expert finger painter? The remember moving up through the grades and trying to rekindle that same skill at painting, but being unsuccessful? Well it’s time to relive the glory days of painting like a “master.”


Adult coloring books have become wildly popular these last couple of years, but now the bar has been raised with adult “paint by numbers,” specifically paintings by those masters who have gone down in history as the world’s greatest artists.

Revel Woods

These “Van-Go” insanely-detailed paint by numbers kits are far easier than attempting to recreate a masterpiece by eyes only, but they are still pretty difficult. Sure you can paint a masterpiece in mere hours, but you need the patience to be able to do it.

Technically they are made for advanced artists, but realistically anyone can make an attempt at them.

The cool thing about them is, you can use them to recreate the template given to you, or you can choose to go completely off script and try and make something new and fresh of your own. All the paints and brushes you will need are provided so you don’t need to worry about that.

Keep reading to see exactly how far you can take your painting skills.

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