Police Dog Followed His Nose To Rescue A Pair Of Kittens Freezing To Death In The Snow

Move over Lassie, there’s a new top dog in town and his name is Hix.

The police dog works with cops in Manitoba, Canada, helping them track down crooks and missing people. Earlier this year, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Taylor Burns shared a photo of him and his four-legged partner for “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

RCMP Manitoba

Normally cops get a pat on the back from their partners after a job well done, but Hix is getting lots of belly rubs this week, after his sharp nose helped rescue a pair of lost animals.

Hix and his partner were doing training exercises on a remote dirt road, when something distracted Hix from his drills. The pooch’s partner trusted him enough to follow his lead, and quickly discovered what had distracted Hix so badly.

A pair of lost little kittens were wandering around in the snow near the training area. Thankfully, Hix led his partner right to them, and it turned out his impromptu rescue came just in the nick of time.

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