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Pet Beds That Look Like Crocs Are A Real Thing Now And You’re Probably Going To Want One

Instagram – SullyHWBush

The passing of former president George H.W. Bush over the weekend was obviously hard for a lot of people to hear. Bush passed away on November 30th, and while the cause of death has not been revealed, he had been struggling with his health over the last couple of years. His wife Barbara had passed away only eight months ago.He had been diagnosed with Parkinsonism, a rare condition that mimics Parkinson’s disease, and

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Twitter – Sassymouth2012

Sometimes there are things on the internet that spread around because they are important information, and other times it’s because it’s so completely crazy that it just needs to be seen to be believed. Knickers is definitely more of the latter. Knickers is a 6’4″ seven-year-old steer who has taken the internet by storm. He lives in Australia and towers over the rest of his herd. He is reported to weigh around 1.5 tons

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The American Psychological Association exposes that canines have a brainpower of a human kid who is 2 to 2 1/2 years of ages. According to the scientists of this association, pet dogs have the capability to count, comprehend a large range of words. They are likewise proficient at tricking other canines and people simply to get what they desire, particularly when they wish to have a tasty reward.PixabayCanines are fantastic animals and since

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Pixabay – thehrpaul

When it comes to Christmas, there is nothing better than a big Christmas tree to decorate. They light up the room and bring a warmth to any home. But when you own a cat, a Christmas tree is basically just a giant play structure. It’s as if you bring it home to act as a challenge to your cat to see how fast they can knock it down. It’s almost always impossible to prevent, but

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Pexels – Burst

Who else feels like they need more sleep? Everyone, perfect, that was my assumption. It feels like no matter what we do, how early we go to bed, or how well we sleep, each of us probably could admit to wanting more. The problem a lot of us have is that even when we are presented with the opportunity to rest, we can’t do it. It seems as though, especially in women, sleep issues are

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New Zealand Department of Conservation

Officials say up to 145 pilot whales died on an island in New Zealand last weekend, after stranding themselves on a beach.A hiker at Mason’s Bay on Stewart Island (Rakiura) was the first to spot the terrible event on Saturday, and walked more than two hours to warn the island’s conservation staff.Two pods of whales seem to have taken part in the mass beaching, with their groups landing more than a

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