Passengers Were Terrified As The Disney World Monorail’s Doors Opened Mid-Ride

Each year, more than 50 million guests ride Disney World’s iconic monorail train around the theme park.

But the people-mover turned into a thrill ride scarier than any roller coaster last weekend, and one of the park’s guests caught the terrifying experience on camera.

Tilden was riding the red monorail train during the incident.WDW Magic

Abigail Tilden boarded the red monorail train at the park’s Transportation and Ticket Center. But before the vehicle pulled out of the station, she says a maintenance worker spent 10 minutes trying to fix a faulty door on her cabin.

As soon as the train pulled around the first corner, the door popped open, and stayed loose until the train pulled into the park’s Epcot station. During that 15 minute ride, the train’s average speed is 40 miles per hour, and it travels on an elevated track above roads, trees, and water fixtures.

The door was open for almost the entire 15-minute ride.Abigail Tilden

Tilden shared a video of her scary experience, and you can see passengers anxiously gripping their seats during the ride.

“Guys, you gotta get on this,” Tilden wrote on social media, “what if somebody had fallen?”

The malfunction is raising questions about the monorail’s safety, and Disney has already made changes to their trains. But this isn’t the first time the monorail was involved in a serious accident.

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