Parents Are Finding Clever Ways To Feed Children Who Are Picky Eaters And It’s Actually Working

Contrary to popular belief, kids know what they want. Once they’ve made up their stubborn minds, that’s the end of it. They’ll be kicking and screaming if their parents try to get their way.

Trying to win a battle with a picky eater seems impossible, but there are some clever tricks that have worked for many frustrated parents.

According to KevinMD, children can be fussy when it comes to food for a variety of reasons. The first thing he mentions is parents giving too much junk food to kids to keep them happy. They’ve got that goofy smile on their face while eating it, but when it comes to eating their dinner, that smile turns upside down. They’ll be begging for all the snacks that are kept in the cupboards. The truth is, kids know how many cookies are left in that “hidden” cookie jar.

Other common reasons may be that children are not being given enough chances to acquire a taste for a certain food or that they hate being forced to eat something, so instead they rebel.

One mother posted a genius trick to get her toddler to eat her home-cooked meals, and it’s actually working!

Believe me, it has nothing to do with sneaking food in their mouths. We all know that trick doesn’t work!

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