Parent Furious Over School Forcing Her Daughter To Say “Yes” To Boys

The issue of personal autonomy for women is a big one.

Despite many strides that have been made over the years that allow women to be independent, confident, and above all else, safe, we still have a long way to go when it comes to fixing a lot of issues surrounding the subject.

Disjointed Thinking

As more and more people are accused of sexually predatory behaviors towards women in multiple industries, the concept of consent is more relevant than ever.

Many people are insisting that we should be teaching our new generations about the importance of consent as early as childhood, not only so that girls know how to avoid dangerous situations, but also so that boys know how to understand where lines are drawn.


Unfortunately, it appears some places still don’t entirely seem to grasp the concept, and the results can often be jarring, if not outright revolting. Case and point: a Utah mom is taking her daughter’s elementary school to task over their rules regarding a school dance…

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