No One Can Agree If The Roads Are Going In The Same Or Opposite Direction And It’s Driving Us Crazy

These optical illusions are just getting harder and harder each time we come across them online. First there was the dress, a pair of shoes, and after that a drawer, and now it’s a road.

Everyone seemed to have two different opinions over the color of an old-fashioned-looking dress. It spurred a debate on whether it was black and blue, or white and gold. (Apparently the right answer is black and blue.)

This image of a pair of Vans sneakers had us scratching our heads all over again. Some people said the shoes were grey with teal laces, and others said it was pink with white laces. We all thought we wouldn’t reach an answer to this question, but it turns out the sneakers are pink and white. The trick is known as “color constancy,” in which your brain is balancing out your field of vision.

This trick here is the same for the drawer. Some claimed the colors of the drawer are pink and white, while others said it was grey and teal. Again, it was most likely another case of color correction.

The two images of the road, on the other hand, have nothing to do with color correction, but no one can agree on whether the images are different or exactly the same.

We seriously can’t wrap our heads around what’s going on…

Tags: brainteaser, optical illusion

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