Newly-Proposed Florida Bill Would Ban Orca Whale Shows And Breeding

What was once a massive source of tourist revenue for the state of Florida has only drawn more and more scrutiny recently, and it looks like that scrutiny might lead to an outright ban.


For decades now, orca whales (also known as “killer whales”) have been a popular attraction in Florida, especially at the SeaWorld amusement park, where they’re trained to perform shows for an adoring crowd. However, thanks to recent information revealed documentaries like Blackfish and other leaked facts about the park, it has come to light that these creatures are being kept in some pretty horrific conditions.


In response, SeaWorld officially announced last year that it would stop breeding orcas in their facilities, but for some people that wasn’t enough. The orcas are still being trained to perform for food (and are denied it when they don’t perform), and plenty of folks are demanding an end to this, as well as the official outlawing of orca breeding.

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Well, it looks like their wish might be granted: the Florida House of Representatives has tabled a bill that would outlaw both the breeding of orcas and the performance of orca shows entirely…

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