New Research Determines How Often Couples Should Have Sex

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of starting a brand new romantic relationship with somebody you’re completely smitten with. During what’s often called “the honeymoon phase,” it becomes an all-consuming thing; you only think about each other, you try to spend every waking minute with them as possible, and of course, once you’re ready, the sparks start a-flying in the bedroom.

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However, once you’re through that phase, things begin to change. Suddenly you’re a lot more comfortable being yourselves around each other, you’re a little more independent than you were before, and things cool down to a reasonable level that’s much easier to maintain. Sometimes this is where you’ll see cracks in the relationship begin to form, but other times it becomes a sign that you two are meant to last beyond just physical attraction.


The question remains though; how much sex should you and your partner still be having in order to keep yourselves happy and healthy? It’s a natural part of every relationship, and people obviously have different sex drives from one another, so it’s a little bit hard to say. However, researcher Amy Muise at the University of Toronto, Mississauga has decided to try to tackle the question herself!

Her research has revealed some interesting insights…

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