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Mom-Of-Five’s Hilarious Photo Shows “What Love Looks Like” After Two Decades

Sharing your unglamorous, everyday self with another person is a natural part of any long-term relationship.

But when you’ve been married to another person for years – or even decades – there’s not much they haven’t seen.

Blogger and writer Amy Betters-Midtvedt, who is a mother-of-five and has been married to her husband Todd for 20 years, knows that all too well.

And her hilarious post about “what love actually looks like” is a good reminder for the rest of us.

“And now here we are… bringing sexy back with our his and her CPAP machines.”

Betters-Midtvedt, who blogs at Hiding in the Closet With Coffee, paid tribute to her relationship with Todd, which began 26 years ago when she was only 19, in a sweet and funny Facebook post about their exciting new purchase.

“There was a time I brushed my teeth, hair sprayed my hair and lipsticked my lips if I even thought I might run into this guy on the way to class,” she wrote.

“I never wanted him to see me at anything less than my absolute, albeit big haired, best.”

“And now here we are… bringing sexy back with our his and her CPAP machines.”

She went on to praise the intimacy that develops through “long, long, loud nights of your partner snoring. And snoring. And snoring.”

“And mornings where your wife is a giant pile of smeared mascara and grouchy attitude because once again insomnia claimed her nighttime hours.”

“This,” she wrote, “is what love actually looks like friends.”

Her funny photo and story definitely capture the essence of what it’s like getting to know someone so well that you can be yourself around them.

And it’s not the first time she paid tribute to that same kind of deep, lasting love too.

“This is what your knight in shining armor looks like when you are in your 40’s.”

Last year, Betters-Midtvedt shared another everyday moment with her husband that illustrated what love looks when the honeymoon is long over.

“This is what your knight in shining armor looks like when you are in your 40’s,” she wrote.

“Yes, that’s my amazing husband who is arriving on the scene with his credit card because what you can’t see is me, standing next to a cart super full of groceries that I couldn’t pay for because I couldn’t find my wallet.”

She made sure to point out that, even though Todd had to leave work to bring her wallet to the store, he was still smiling.

“Young people, this is what love looks like when you’re old and it’s ridiculous how awesome it is,” she wrote.

“Do not be fooled by big, showy promposals and giant cards with candy bars glued to them with some cute saying or by your name spelled in pepperoni by a boy who’s asking you to homecoming,” she warned.

“That isn’t the stuff that lasts and let’s be honest…moms are totally helping them with those things.”

Want Betters-Midtvedt’s advice to find the right guy? “Watch how he treats you when Instagram isn’t looking. That’s where the signs are.”

We’re all for that, because true love has to be able to outlast youth, looks, money, or social media points.

You can read more from Amy at her blog, Hiding in the Closet With Coffee.

[H/T: Babble]

What does everyday love look like to you?

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