Man Reported To Police For Putting Mustard On His Pop-Tarts

Originally released in 1964 by the Kellogg Company, Pop-Tarts have been one of the nation’s most popular breakfast and snack treats for decades since. Consisting of sugary filling between two thin layers of pastry crust and topped with icing, the snack (which has often hilariously been advertised as “part of a complete breakfast”) has come in more flavors than anyone can reasonably count, ultimately making it the company’s best-selling product.


Despite being heavily scrutinized by children’s health organizations for their advertising and low nutritional content, Pop-Tarts are still consumed by the millions in the United States alone, and even plenty of adults still love them. A cursory glance at the internet reveals tons of discussions on which flavor is the best (the answer is S’Mores, fight me internet), whether eating them hot or cold is the best way (hot, you heathens), and which discontinued flavors should be brought back.

Pioneer Woman

Like any discussion on the internet, opinions on these matters can be very divisive and quite heated (pardon the pun), but it’s never been the case that a representative from Kellogg’s got involved with the debate… until recently. Apparently one man had such a bizarre way of eating his Pop-Tarts that the company not only responded, but decided to alert the authorities…

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