Make Sure You Are Drinking Coffee At The Right Time To Maximize Your Potential

Coffee is truly the solution to most of life’s problems. It keeps us awake when we’re starting to get drowsy, it’s a delicious way to complement any meal, and it keeps us from fighting our coworkers in the morning!

Coffee’s utility as a productivity tool has been known for some time, but did you know that there are good and bad times to drink it in order to make the most of this beneficial bean?

Don’t worry, it isn’t as if there are universal time zones in which you should be drinking your cup of joe! It actually depends more on your own day-to-day activities.

A study found that drinking coffee first thing in the morning is actually one of the worst times of day to have it, but it’s also the time that we crave it the most.

Other bad times include your approximate lunch time, and just before dinner.

What gives?

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