Jill Duggar Breaking The Family’s Rules With Nose Piercing And Tattoo

Another day, another Duggar trying to break free from their family’s strict rules. It’s been widely reported that Jinger Duggar is the most rebellious of all the kids. She’s worn pants since she got married, and she’s been married for over a year and has yet to have kids.

Then there’s Joy-Anna Duggar, who allegedly got pregnant before she was married, which is why her wedding got pushed up so soon after the engagement.

Then, of course, there’s Derrick Dillard, the son-in-law who cannot (and will not) stop making controversial comments on Twitter.

Jill Duggar has always been very by-the-Duggar-book, however, so when fans spotted her new nose piercing and tattoo, they were taken aback.

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