IHOP Waiter Gives Customers A Lot More Than Pancakes And It’ll Bring A Smile To Your Face

When you head out to an IHOP restaurant at 1 am, you aren’t really expecting much. I mean, obviously you know you are going to get some amazing food, but it’s not like you are sitting there waiting for dinner and a show.

However, for one couple, they got amazing food AND an amazing performance from their waiter. Imgur user ClockworkRepairDroid said that one night, when he and his girlfriend went to IHOP for a late-night meal after being unable to sleep, their waiter, Diego, told them that he would be able to keep them entertained while they waited for their food.

The waiter took a seat in front of them, and got ready to belt out a song, but the two patrons weren’t expecting to hear what they did.

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