Identical Triplets Take A DNA Test, But The Results Leave Them With Even More Questions

Whether you’re trying to uncover your past or learn more about genetic health conditions, it seems like everyone has a reason to take a DNA test these days.

Millions of customers have ordered home test kits from services like AncestryDNA and 23andMe, which promise to unlock histories about your health and ancestry hiding in your DNA.

The triplets should see the exact same results on their DNA tests.Stage 29 Productions

But while the science sounds futuristic, these tests are health products just like any other, and some said the promises they made were hard to swallow. That’s why Inside Edition put the most popular kits to the test in a very creative way.

The news program tracked down four sets of triplets of quadruplets, who share identical DNA. If the tests were really accurate, each sister’s results should be identical to her sibling’s.

Erica McGraw is Dr. Phil’s daughter-in-law.Ninja Journalist

The main test subjects were Erica McGraw and her sisters Nicole and Jaclyn. Erica is married to Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw, so the trio’s results were read live on the hit TV show he produces, The Doctors.

But when the triplets got their test results back, they admit they were “shocked” by the differences they revealed.

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