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How Do Dogs Pick Their “Favorite Person” – And 11 Other Weird Pet Behaviors Explained

As a lifelong dog owner, there’s just one thing I can say about man’s four-legged friends: they’re weird.

I’ve lived with dogs who chased insects, ate their own poop, and refused to sit on the couch without their favorite pillow.

It turns out most weird dog behaviors are extremely common, and their are simple explanations behind them.

How many of these 12 bizarre habits does your pet have?

Dog hug.
Sberlazza / Wikimedia

It’s so unfair when a dog obviously prefers someone else to you.

Even if they don’t feed and look after your pet, dogs can get attached to certain people.

Part of this is because of socialization: based on their interactions as a puppy dogs learn to prefer certain kinds of people – for example men over women.

But mainly, dogs reward the affection you give them.

To get more love from your dog you need to spend more time giving them treats, physical contact like petting, and doing activities together.

This is one of the most common dog problems – 60% of owners say their pets eat feces daily (either their own or another animal’s).

Researchers behind a new study say this is a defense mechanism dogs picked up from their ancestors.

Wolves would eat feces around their dens to keep parasites and pests from spreading.

Today, the nasty habit is (mostly) harmless, but hard to break. Try rewarding your dog any time they don’t eat poop.

Dog on pet bed
Howard Young / Flickr

This habit is called “rounding,” and it’s also passed down from your dog’s ancestors.

In the wild, dogs make a safe and comfy nest by walking in circles.

The habit flattens tall grass, drives away bugs and small animals, and marks the dog’s territory.

At home on your dog’s bed, the habit is completely harmless.

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