Here’s What Those “Random” Doodles Say About Your Inner Personality

You may catch yourself scratching out shapes and pictures during the day to keep yourself entertained, but did you know that these supposedly “random” drawings are actually your mind secretly releasing its inner dialogue?

It’s true, and psychologists and graphologists have been studying this phenomena for years, and they say that we all tend to have certain habits that are really telling about who we are, even if we don’t know it ourselves!

Ready to see what lies underneath your mind?

You feel a strong need to belong to someone, or some unit. You are also very accepting of those like you.

Drawing squares has been found to be a marker of a practical personality that demands constructive criticism to grow.

Triangles have long been associated to those with an ambitious nature about them.

You have a calculating mind that seeks out unusual connections in your environment. Your friends have probably told you that you’re a “far-out” thinker.

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