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Here’s The Latest Trend To ‘Wow’ Your Foody Friends With

If you have been out of the loop on trendy cuisine since the avocado, then you could be forgiven for not already knowing about this niche ingredient that foodies everywhere are raving about.

Panadanus Amaryllifolius, or pandan, for short is a tropical plant found primarily in Southeast Asia. It is used in a wide variety of dishes and household uses, and also happens to be the latest craze to hit the culinary scene in America.

Pandan leaves are bright green and very fragrant, often times included in dishes that would normally be considered bland. The taste is not intense, in fact it is very mild, but unmistakable once you’ve tried it.

Many describe it as being naturally sweet, almost like vanilla, with a nutty scent that transforms any dish into a kaleidoscope of flavor.

Top chefs across the country have already begun ordering the plant in bulk in preparation for the pandan-monium surrounding this funky new food. Even popular UK food critic Nigella Lawson has started talking about pandan leaves, calling it “the new matcha”. Lawson previously mentioned how much she loved having avocados on toast, boosting the sales of the berry by 30%.

So how exactly do you go about cooking with this incredible new plant?

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