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Here’s How A DIY Fat Burning Cream Using Vicks VapoRub Will Shrink Your Belly In No Time

For most women, fat goes to their stomach first, and it takes a lot of exercise until stomach fat melts and their chiseled abs start to appear.

I exercise regularly, but no matter how many long runs I take and planks I do, there’s always an extra cushion that prevents me from having a relatively flat stomach.

I would probably have to compromise eating a lot of food I like to get rid of my stomach fat, or I can find a more topical solution – which is what I did.

As someone who is health conscious, I searched for a more natural approach in burning my stomach fat.

I came across a DIY fat burning cream that uses Vicks VapoRub, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

The cream is super simple to make and contains cheap ingredients that are not bad for your skin.

I’ve recommended it to so many people, and they’ve loved the results.

I usually apply this cream sometime during spring, just so I’m prepared for swimsuit season. It takes at least three weeks to work, depending on how much fat you have, and it works wonders!

Don’t give up, you won’t be disappointed by the results!

Here’s how you can make the cream at home:

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