He Was Told He Would Never Walk Again, But Nothing Was Going Stop Him From Dancing Beside His Bride

In his late teens, Barney Miller was an aspiring professional surfer. He spent his days enjoying the sandy beaches and killer waves of the world’s oceans. But he would never realize his dreams of earning his living riding the waves. A tragic car accident left Barney paralyzed, and the doctors told him that he would never be able to use his legs again.

For most this would have been a lethal blow. Many people would have given up and just accepted it as something they couldn’t change, but not Barney. He was determined to surf again, and with the help of his friends, he made it happen, even if the way he accomplished it was a bit unconventional.

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Once he had managed to make that happen, through sheer force of will, and a determination that I could not personally fathom having, he met a special person, and suddenly found himself working towards something new.

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He met Kate, who would later become his fiance, and he wanted to make sure that when the day came, he could dance with her at their wedding.

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