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Handy Trick Lets You Exchange A Ripped Bill For A Check

Even in this fast-paced digital world, I still make most of my purchases in cash.

I find keeping my wallet stocked with actual, paper money helps me track my spending.

Plus, I’m never out of luck when I go to a store or restaurant that only takes cash.

Of course bills have a downside too: they rip.

I’ve often had to tape together a $20 or $50 and make excuses to get a cashier to take it, so I was happy to learn that you can actually exchange damaged cash for its full value.

A ripped $10 bill.
DanAmira / Twitter

The open secret about exchanging “mutilated” money was revealed this week by Daily Show writer Dan Amira.

Amira shared his experience being reimbursed for a ripped $10 bill.

“I don’t know how it ripped in half,” he wrote in a letter to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

“I just took it out of my pocket one day and it was in two pieces. I think it was just old.”

ripped bill check
DanAmira / Twitter

Against all odds, the government actually sent Amira back a check for $10.

It wasn’t just a gag by the TV writer, in fact anyone with damaged U.S. currency can send it in to be replaced.

But there are a few rules you must follow to get your money back.

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