Flight Attendants Broke The Rules To Save A Dog’s Life Mid-Flight

There has been a lot of really upsetting stories about animals on airplanes in the last few months, but finally there is one that turned out okay.

On a JetBlue flight heading from Florida to Massachusetts, a passenger noticed that their small French Bulldog was having a hard time.

Michele and Steven Burt had their three dogs in carriers under their seats. They were all put in their carriers as regulation specifies for flying. But Michele noticed that Darcy, her French Bulldog, was trying to push her face out of the door.

Darcy the french bulldog
Michele and Steven Burt

She unzipped it slightly to check on her dog, and that’s when she noticed something was terribly wrong.

“I noticed that her tongue was blue, and I am aware that is a sign of insufficient oxygen (Hypoxia), so I pulled her out from under the seat and placed her on my lap to cool down and help her relax as she was panicking and breathing frantically,” Michele said.

When the flight attendants saw her with her dog out, at first they were trying to enforce the rules, saying that dogs weren’t allowed out of their carriers. But Michele wasn’t going to let them put Darcy back away.

She told them that Darcy was sick, and she needed help, and then suddenly the flight attendants jumpd into action.

Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher, crew members on the JetBlue flight, quickly got some ice bags to help cool Darcy down. When she still continued breathing heavily, Spencer had an idea.

Darcy the french bulldog
Michele and Steven Burt

“Renaud, who explained that he also had a French Bulldog ‘Penelope,’ brought a small oxygen tank with a mask attached and offered it saying, ‘Maybe this will help,'” Michele continued in her letter to JetBlue.

Spencer put the oxygen mask on the little dog’s face, and as she started to breathe in the pure air she started to become alert again.

Darcy the french bulldog
Michele and Steven Burt

“I believe Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may reduce the value of life because Darcy is a canine — I do not.”

JetBlue was happy to hear the news, releasing a statement in response to Michele’s letter. “Our mission is to inspire humanity, and we’re very proud of those outstanding crew members who consistently demonstrate a passion for excellent customer service.”

Darcy the french bulldog
Michele and Steven Burt

The Burts are lucky that they had flight attendants who knew about dogs, and were willing to do something about Darcy’s issues.

There have been too many times where flight attendants ignored a passenger’s pleas and it ended up with the worst possible outcome. This is the same type of dog that died on United airlines just a few months ago. It just goes to show you that a little compassion goes a long way and can save a life.

Source – Masslive / NBC Chicago / WTAE

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