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Family Buries Their Cat, Two Days Later They See The Exact Same Cat On Their Doorstep

No child should have to bury their best friend.

I clearly recall the difficulty of having to bury my beloved bunny in my backyard when I was 12 years old. The image of his frozen face and the feeling of his limp body is forever etched into my memory.

I spent months dreaming about him coming back to me, even though I knew that was simply impossible.

It breaks my heart when I see people grieving over their pets, especially if their death happens so suddenly. Even pets that go missing are too unbearable for my fragile heart.

When I heard the story of Jimmy the cat getting lost, and being found at an animal shelter 10 miles away from his owner’s home, the story warmed my heart.

Sometimes when we think all hope is lost, it really isn’t.

There have been countless heartwarming stories of pets returning home after they’ve been lost for long periods of time, but none quite like this story below.

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