‘Facial Exercises’ Will Help You Win Your Fight Against Aging Skin Without Spending A Dime

Getting older happens to literally everyone, but some people seem to handle it better than others. Whether it’s because they just don’t care about how their body is changing, or because they have some kind of weird elixir of youth, some people just don’t seem to mind. Well, if they just aren’t worried because they have good skin, it turns out that this could be attainable for all of us.

A lot of us worry about what we will look like when we get older, but there are actually a few things you can do to keep your skin looking young. The best part about it is that it doesn’t involve any surgery or injections!

Dermatologists have found a few facial exercises that will actually help keep your skin lifted, preventing the sagging effect that tends to happen when we age. Dr. Murad Alam tested the idea with a team at Northwestern University, and said that “it does seem to work.”

Northwestern University

They got the idea for the study after discovering “Happy Face Yoga,” a series of online videos that instruct facial exercises. They teamed up with the creator of the series and had participants try out the plan, and while it wasn’t a huge study they found that their attempts helped them look rejuvenated.

They had them do an exercise known as “cheek pushups,” which his instructions say, “Smile! Open your mouth and form a long ‘o’,” he instructs in one video for “cheek push-ups. Fold your upper lip over your teeth. Smile again to lift your cheek muscles up.”

Dr. Alam said that the cheeks of participants became fuller which contributed to the estimations of their age based off their facial features to drop from 50.8 to 48. “I think we wanted dermatologists to assess them because we look at a lot of people’s faces,” Alam said. “If you work in cosmetic dermatology like I do, much of your life is comprised of staring at people’s faces, figuring out what isn’t quite what they want it to be and figuring out how to fix it.”

He did have a few concerns over the exercises, including how it would impact wrinkles…

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