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Elementary School Teacher Breaks Barriers By Covering Entire Body With Tattoos

In today’s day and age, you’ll often find people with at least one tattoo. From meaningful tributes to obvious mistakes, inking your body will continue to be a long-lasting trend.

Although I’m terrified of needles, I regularly come across tattoos that leave me in awe. Most of the time its for the mastery in the artwork, but on rare occasions it’s out of pure shock.

An example in the latter is the body of Sylvain, a Paris-based elementary school substitute teacher and model. He’s covered from head to toe in intricate designs that hold a world of meaning to him.

“My tattoos have a deep significance, especially the Om on my face, as well as the different stages of the evolution of Buddha on my hands and feet,” he ¬†told Konbini.

Sylvain admitted that while he frequently receives the same reaction from the public for his huge collection of body art, he doesn’t let it bother him.

“When I walk in public spaces, people are intimidated. Their first reaction is to lower their eyes, they’re afraid to stare at me,” he explained.

Fortunately, Sylvain said people’s opinions drastically change once they get to know him.

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