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Drink Up: 10 Kinds Of Alcohol With Surprising Health Benefits

Cheers! Let’s raise a glass to your health.

I used to think of drinking as a way to cut loose on the weekend, but I’m not as young as I used to be and can’t stay up all night any more.

These days I prefer a quiet drink at home, and I was happy to learn my nightly ritual is good for my health.

It turns out, whether you’re a beer nerd or a wine connoisseur, your drink of choice has some awesome health benefits.

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A lower risk of heart disease? I’ll drink to that.

Italian researchers say a pint a day reduces your risk of developing the condition by 42%.

Meanwhile, Dutch researchers say moderate drinking also lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

In case you need another reason to crack open a cold one, beer slows down calcium loss from your bones.

That helps prevent osteoporosis and painful kidney stones. Win-win!


This drink is considered highbrow here in America, but it’s very popular in France.

In fact, locals who guzzle down Armagnac brandy in Gascogny, France have a lower rate of heart disease than the average person.

The strong volume of alcohol in the drink also makes a single serving the perfect sleep aid.

Plus, each glass is packed with antioxidants – molecules that protect your body from damage and aging caused by “free radical” atoms

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Yes, this drink is a little too sugary too enjoy every day.

But even rum has some surprising health benefits.

The drink is a natural blood thinner, which protects your body from a painful condition called peripheral artery disease.

Rum also boosts your body’s supply of good HDL cholesterol, which clears your arteries and lowers blood pressure.

This drink also protects bone density, which can relieve the chronic pain caused by arthritis.


Why do Russians love this drink? It keeps them mellow.

Studies in the 1990s showed that vodka was the most effective type of alcohol for stress relief – yes, even beating out wine.

As a clear liquor, vodka has been distilled more than other drinks.

That means it contains less congeners – byproducts that leave you feeling hungover after a night out.

Studies on animals also revealed that vodka promotes good blood flow and HDL cholesterol production.


A cider a day keeps the doctor away. And why not? It’s made from apples, after all.

Well sure, cider has a bit of sugar in it, but it’s also brimming with as many antioxidants as a glass of red wine.

The unique fruity ingredients in cider also make it a better source of vitamin C and calcium than other drinks.

There’s always the possibility of having too much of a good thing, when you do you should look to Morning Recovery. It’s scientifically engineered to get your body back what it loses after a night of drinking. That means no hangover.

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