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Doggie Dental Health and Hygiene: What Pet Owners Need to Know

Pixabay – Mikorad

We all love our dogs, that’s just a given. They are a part of our families and we treat them as such. That’s why it’s always so concerning when they suddenly change their behavior. We thought we knew them, but then suddenly something changes and they no longer react the way we’d expect. One Reddit user reached out to the dog community to try and get some answers about his dog’s recent behavior changes.In

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BBC Earth – YouTube

Warning: The videos featured in this story includes footage of real animals in the wild, and they can be tough to watch.For nature lovers, like myself, wildlife documentaries have their ups and downs.Of course, it’s amazing to see these wild animals in their natural habitats. But not all creatures get along in the circle of life.Often, these documentaries capture the dramatic moment when predator and prey meet, and that’s just what happens

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Facebook – Jeff Mein Smith

Finding a young animal in the wild can be a little bit confusing, because you might think that they are hurt or abandoned, but often intervening is actually the worst thing you could do. For example, if you find a bunch of baby bunnies, you should know that their mom only comes back once or twice per day but she is coming back. Moving them, or even touching them, can result in their mom abandoning

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Facebook – Stephie Herfel

Cancer isn’t something that anyone should have to deal with. It’s a scary disease, probably because we all know that it could be lurking unnoticed for so long. Someone who knows this better than most is Stephanie Herfel. In 2013, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but the way that she found out that something was wrong was all thanks to her Siberian husky Sierra. She had been gifted Sierra two years prior from her

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YouTube- PetConnectionNews

When it comes to our pets, a lot of us tend to go a bit overboard. We buy them too many toys, too many treats, and we want nothing more than to spoil them. Sure, non-pet owners may say that it’s ridiculous and that we’re “wasting” our money on them, but we know the truth. We want to give them all the things they need to make them happy because they make us so happy.

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Instagram – SullyHWBush

The passing of former president George H.W. Bush over the weekend was obviously hard for a lot of people to hear. Bush passed away on November 30th, and while the cause of death has not been revealed, he had been struggling with his health over the last couple of years. His wife Barbara had passed away only eight months ago.He had been diagnosed with Parkinsonism, a rare condition that mimics Parkinson’s disease, and

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