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Criminals Break Out Of Prison, Only To Sneak Back In Hours Later

In what some are deeming an ‘honorable’ move, two Oklahoma men escaped jail last week for a period of about two hours – before returning voluntarily to the prison.

Now, if you were trapped in a cell for the foreseeable future, wouldn’t you want a bit of time back with your family or friends every now and then? The question is, once out would you ever be tempted to go back?

In 2013, there was a massive prison break in the Philippines following a typhoon where prisoners had to swim to higher ground simply to survive. After the storm had passed, nearly half of all the escapees returned to the prison, but not before going home to see their families and reportedly fixing the damage to their homes from the storm.

Not all inmates are as kind-hearted. In Australia, a group of prisoners jumped the fence in order to go get drunk together, then (less than politely) returned and ended up fighting over a phone, alerting guards to their get-away.

It may seem noble to serve the rest of your sentence after a chance of freedom, but did you know that in several countries it’s not even illegal to try and break out? In Mexico, Austria, and Germany the government recognizes the “basic human instinct” to seek freedom and (providing you don’t break anymore laws) escaping won’t add time your sentence.

So what did these men from Oklahoma get up to with their time off?

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