Chrissy Teigen Mom-Shamed After Sharing Photo With Daughter

As long as the internet is around, people will use it to voice their unsolicited opinions about someone else’s life choices while hiding behind the screen.

No matter how much trolls get called out for being mean, this behavior doesn’t seem to cease, especially within the online parents community. Mom and dad-shaming is a regular occurrence, and celebrity parents often end up as targets of such criticism.

More recently, parents on Instagram were outraged at David Beckham for allowing his six-year-old daughter, Harper, to sit on his lap and steer a golf cart during an outing. His parenting choices were called into question, with some people labeling him as negligent and “irresponsible.”

Mere days after the Beckham controversy, the Instagram parent police found their next target: Model and  TV host Chrissy Teigen.

ET Online

Chrissy had a park play date with her one-year-old daughter,Luna, over the weekend. She decided to share a photo from their experience with her followers on Instagram, but not everyone was happy about adorable playground snap.

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