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Celebrities Are Putting Anal Cream On Their Eyes And You Probably Should Too

Celebrities have a lot of beauty secrets. And I mean a lot.

Beauty icons like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Heidi Klum don’t always get surgery so that they can look not a day over 30.

They’ve got a team of celebrity makeup artists that are giving them the best tips on how to wear their makeup and what products to use to keep their skin glowing and looking young.

Last year, I was looking for something under my mom’s bathroom sink when I found several boxes of hemorrhoid cream. It was Preparation H ointment, which is meant to reduce inflammation in blood vessels.

I was concerned about her, so I went to ask her if everything is okay. She laughed, and told me she applies the cream under her eyes!

I noticed that my mother’s sagging skin was getting firmer, but I thought she might have made a change in her diet.

She squeezed some of the cream on her finger, and dabbed it under my eyes.

She told me this one was of the biggest celebrity beauty secrets out there, and it would only cost me a few dollars to firm my skin.

That’s when I discovered something very interesting! Here’s why hemorrhoid cream works so well and is great for your skin:

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