California Becomes First State To Ban Pet Stores From Selling Animals That Aren’t From Shelters

You might have fun looking at the adorable puppies in a pet store, but if you knew where they came from it might change your mind. Puppy mills have been a huge issue all over, and the conditions are enough to make any animal lover sick.

These poor dogs are kept in cages, and born to mothers who are forced to breed over and over again just so the owners can make a buck. The California lawmakers have finally stepped in to make the world a better place for animals.

David Porras/Shutterstock

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law bill A.B. 485 which makes it illegal for pet stores to sell any dogs, cats or even rabbits that are not coming from a shelter or rescue. The law will come into effect in 2019 and animal lovers everywhere are applauding the move.

But not everyone is in favor of the law…

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