Boiling Water Completely Changes In An Instant When It Hits Cold Air, Here’s Why

Winter is pretty brutal with the crazy temperatures and insane weather patterns, but there is something about it that is just so beautiful. There is a quiet calm that comes after a big storm, one that is accompanied by a blanket of fluffy white snow, but it never seems to last long.

There are some ways that you can have fun with winter, ones that don’t even take a lot of effort. Testing out some fun science experiments are a good way to keep the kids busy on those cold days without them driving you completely crazy.

One experiment that is easy to do (if you’re careful) is turning boiling hot water into an instant blizzard. Because water is a unique substance that can exist as a liquid, gas, and solid, if you introduce boiling water into a 0.01°C (32.018°F) temperature, you will see something incredible.

Here’s how it works…

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