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Bird Watchers Flock To See All Black “Hot Duck”

Stay In Cornwall

We’ve shared dozens of brain teasers with you in the past but there’s one that recently got our attention because it’s slightly different than the rest. With the holiday season in full swing, Stay In Cornwall wants you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and instead help save one family’s Christmas Eve dinner while giving your brain a workout.The brain teaser depicts a frantic Christmas party where all the

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The winter can be a beautiful time of year with fresh snowfalls, twinkling icicles, frozen lakes. It can be a frustrating time of year, with shoveling driveways, brushing off cars, and getting cold and wet whenever you’re out. While people will debate about whether winter is good or bad, we often lose sight of another truth: winter can be dangerous.The homeless, children or seniors are at risk when the temperature plummets. This year has

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Thesupermat – Wikimedia Commons/Shuhada’ Sadaqat – Twitter

Once you become a parent, you spend a good chunk of your time worrying about your child’s well-being.For many moms and dads, keeping their kid safe is their biggest priority, so as you can imagine, finding out that their child has gone missing is one of the worst things that could happen to them. Unfortunately, this is a reality that some parents experience, and this includes celebrities. A few days ago, Irish singer Sinead

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If you’re from one of the many parts of the country that sees snow in the winter, chances are you’re more likely to roll your eyes at the fluffy white stuff than you are get excited by it. Once you’re no longer 7, snow is usually more of an inconvenience than something to play with.Unless, of course, you’re Rick Horton.Horton lives in Indiana, so he sees his fair share of snowfall. For over

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Getty Images / Paco Puentes – Twitter

Spanish authorities using manpower and heavy machines in a desperate bid to save a 2-year-old boy trapped in a well say they’ve almost reached him.The toddler, Julen Rosello, is believed to have fallen into a 10-inch wide, 360-foot deep well on Sunday, January 13. For more than a week, rescuers have worked 24 hours a day in a mission to save Rosello by digging him out.Crews use heavy machinery to dig for Julen

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“Margaritaville” crooner Jimmy Buffett may no longer be at the top of the charts, but he sure does know how to keep his name in the headlines. The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter was recently bestowed with the honor to perform the national anthem at the iconic Superdome before the NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams. Buffett gave an a capella rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” but it was

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