After Beating Cancer, This Third Grader Got A Hero’s Welcome When She Came Back To School

It goes without saying that a cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest events to ever happen in somebody’s life. While advancements have been made in terms of ways to treat it, it still signals that a massive medical procedure is in your near future. Worst of all, receiving treatment isn’t a guarantee that you’ll pull through, or that even if you do, the disease won’t return.


It’s especially tragic when a child is forced to undergo this whole procedure. Children are supposed to spend their free time running around with friends, watching Saturday morning cartoons, and getting in trouble for staying up past their bedtime. They’re not supposed to spend it going to chemotherapy treatments and regular scans to see if they’re even going to survive.

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Suffice it to say, the children who soldier on through these awful, awful conditions are absolute heroes, and in the case of young Bridget Kelley, her school saw it the same way. When she returned after beating cancer, her classmates (and then some) welcomed her back like the hero she was.

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