After A Viewer Insulted Her Legs, This Meteorologist Had The Perfect Response

Receiving nasty comments about your appearance is a common but unfortunate part of being a celebrity.

But when her fans stepped out of line, one Fox News host had a perfect response that instantly shut down her critics.

Fox News

If you watch the news network’s morning show Fox and Friends, you’ll recognize senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who goes by the nickname “The Weather Machine.” While she’s known for reporting on the weather, a commenter on the host’s Facebook page seemed more interested in her fashion choices.

In a comment on a throwback photo of Dean, a woman named JoAnn had this to say about her on-screen look:

“Dear Janice, please stop allowing [Fox] to dress you in those short skirts. They are not flattering on you. Your (sic) an attractive lady, love the 80’s hair, but your legs are distracting every time you walk on screen.”

Dean (far right) with her co-hosts.Fox News

Dean’s fans rightfully called out JoAnn, but she just had even more to say about Dean and her legs:

“They are dressing her in mini skirts that make her legs and knees look huge. She is older, and different body type than most of the woman on the show. I’m not a public figure that has a public website for viewers to leave their thoughts and opinions. That is Janice’s job, and her business website. I didn’t seek her out at home and give an unsolicited opinion. If you think it is flattering to her than give her your opinion.”

Needless to say the meteorologist was not impressed, and her flawless response to these rude comments is going viral.

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