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After A Pilot’s Sexy Selfie Went Viral, We Made A List Of The Hottest Men In Uniform

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but sometimes the beholder is almost every single person on this planet.

We all have our celebrity crushes, but, in my opinion, some of the most irresistible men are those in uniform.

And if you think about it, we fall in love with certain celebrities because of the characters they play.

For example, Chris Evans may be able to deflect thousands of bullets and save lives when he’s playing the character Captain America, but in real life, he doesn’t have any military skills.

Uniforms symbolize status, sacrifice, value, and other hero-like qualities. You see a man with a uniform in a crowd and they’ll stand out immediately.

Isai Ortiz is no exception.

Ortiz is originally from Puerto Rico and works as a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines.

While we do love his breathtaking landscape photos, I don’t think anyone’s going to complain seeing a few photos of the man himself on his personal Instagram page.

He’s become so popular that he even has pictures with celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, and Rita Ora!

Those two photos above are not the only ones getting a lot of attention…

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