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After A Deadly Bus Crash, Musician’s Emotional Tribute Goes Viral

People around the world are paying tribute to a town of just 6,000 people from Saskatchewan, Canada in the wake of a deadly bus crash.

Even if you’re not from Canada, by now you’ve probably heard of the tragic accident that claimed the lives of several players on the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team.

It’s a small-town tragedy that has attracted attention across the planet – mainly because hockey-lovers everywhere have had their hearts broken by the news.

As tributes pour in for the young players who lost their lives, a song inspired by the accident is getting the most attention.

Humboldt Broncos Crash
The scene of the accident.Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press

The Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team – 29 people in all including coaches, athletic trainers and stat keepers – were riding their bus through rural Saskatchewan on their way to a hockey game last week.

At a quiet intersection outside of the tiny town of Tisdale, the bus struck a tractor-trailer and both vehicles were destroyed.

While the driver of the tractor-trailer survived the accident, 16 of the people onboard the bus were killed, including all of the team’s coaches.

Humboldt Broncos
The Humboldt Broncos pose in a photo from the team’s website.Humboldt Broncos

The other 13 people were injured, and this week a dozen of the survivors are still in hospital, with three of them in critical condition.

Canadian officials are still investigating the accident, and no charges have been laid.

But at the intersection, the bus would have had right of way while the truck was behind a stop sign.

Humboldt Broncos crash
A cross made from hockey sticks at the site of the accident.Jonathan Hayward / Canadian Press

The same intersection was the site of another deadly accident 21 years ago, which left six people dead.

Investigators say that the truck driver involved in the crash was a rookie, who had completed his 15-day training just two weeks before the accident.

His trucking company, Adesh Deol, has had its license suspended as the investigation continues.

But as investigators continue to look for clues, tributes for the hockey team have poured in from around the world.

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